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5 Factors To Consider When You Are Choosing A Name For Your Baby

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important things to do when you are expecting a baby. As that is one of the things that must be thought out quite carefully. Because the name that you choose for your baby will have an impact on their lives. And, if they really end up growing to dislike it, they will end up legally changing it to something else when they reach the age of majority. Or, they may just end up resigning to living with a name that they dislike. And, even if you choose the name carefully that you use for the baby, there is always that risk that he or she will dislike the name anyway. However, let’s look at 5 factors that need to be considered when choosing a name for your baby.


  1. Names That Blend Well Together – If you have a first name in mind that you like, and you are trying to think about a middle name, you will want to make sure that they blend well together. For instance, more often than not, names that have 2 or more syllables go well with middle names that have one syllable. Or, first names with 3 syllables usually go well with middle names that are 2 syllables as well. Occasionally, depending on the name, they blend well with any middle name. But you will want to definitely test it out. For instance, if you are having a girl and you like the name Victoria, middle names such as May, Joy, or Lynn go very well with that. Two-syllable names such as Marie or Nicole go well with that too. But a 3 or 4 syllable middle name will not blend well with that name in most cases because it starts sounding like a mouthful.
  1. Change A Family Name If Necessary – In many cultures, parents name their babies after their loved ones whether they are deceased or alive. However, in many cases, that would not be a good idea due to the fact it is so outdated. That is unless the baby name is starting to come back such as names like Evelyn or Sylvia. But if you are having a son, and had a beloved grandpa named Mervin, you will want to find out whether that name is coming back into style. If not, you will want to use a better diminutive of that name in order to prevent your son from being a laughing stock. Merwin is a better option if you are stuck on that name.
  2. Consider The Last Name – Before choosing a baby name, think about the last name, as well as the initials. For instance, if your last name is Smith, and you are having a daughter that you want to name Alyssa Simone which is a lovely combination, but are you sure you want to give her that name based on the fact that your last name is Smith? Because think about what her initials would be. That is why it is very important to consider the last name when it comes to choosing a baby name!
  3. Consider Your Cultural Roots – You will want to make sure that your baby’s name is not a name that can be made fun of. However, you also don’t want to name a child that goes against your cultural roots either. For instance, if you are Jewish, you will not want to consider naming your son Christopher or your daughter Christina because that is not appropriate for cultural reasons. And, the community could end up shunning you and speaking behind your back by doing that.
  4. Wait Until You Meet Your Baby – If you go by this route, you will want to pick out some baby names that you have in mind that you would want to use. However, there is no reason to make that decision before the baby is born. With those few name options in mind, you can figure out what the best baby name is for your baby after he or she is born. If you for instance like the names Alexandra or Jessica for a daughter, but your daughter is not really a fit for either, then you may find that the name Nicole, one of the choices you had on the list would be a much better fit for your baby girl instead. Now with these baby naming tips, there is no reason to struggle with coming up with a decent name for your baby. Good luck!

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